Its Finally Here

Hey its here.. its finally here … i still cant believe it finally arived .. im sooo moved. The box, the box has finally showed up after 3 months. I have been thinking that it was stolen and that I would never see it but i guess i was wrong… YAY. Thank god I was wrong. Im soooo happy.. strange huh, for getting so emotional over a box. But this is no ordinary box… NO!!. Its a package from Jeff from the states containing christmas.. yes christmas.. Inside where gifts. Our PS2, alot og games, and some dvds… happy day.

I have also heard from jeff that they are gonna send another box but this time using fedex.. "well its about time!!" I gotta say.. it turns out they sent this box by boat.  boat!!! I bet it went to everyother country and saved brazil last. ok im done complaining. im just happy that we got or stuff… I bet u that these are our only gifts were getting this year… oh well

    • maggie
    • December 14th, 2004

    *hey john! lol omgoodness, things take FOREVER to send there, i know this. haha. so how is it? how is jeff? i cant wait to come there and spend time wid all of you guys, plus i want to meet new people. ya know? so i need your guys’s numbers to call when me and my sister (age 17) get there. she will be with me. ohhhhh yea give me ceci’s number…ehhe i kinda..lost it. DONT TELL HER THO! anything u want for christmas here? candy? nothing expensive cuz maggie has NO MONEY haha ..only allowance. okay well i cant wait! merry christmas and i hope everythings gooD. what dvds ? okay tchau.maggie

    • andre
    • December 14th, 2004

    cool man, congratsps2, dvds, and a bunch of other gifts, coolI dont know what else to say, so bye

    • December 15th, 2004

    David, David, David!!!What can I say, but… I’M SORRY!!! The box thing wasn’t my fault! I wanted to send it through FedEX, but Tia Nena didn’t have the kind of money to send it that way!!! But, now we know that it takes three months… Expect the next box in March!! Haha. Just Kidding. Or am I?? Your birthday is in March!!!! Kidding, again.

    • Louise
    • December 16th, 2004

    hey… cool your box with all those gifts..and it take so long to arrive huh… but was good i guess…i don t have anything else to say… so… tchau!oooxxx

    • Florencia
    • December 16th, 2004

    HEEY I WANT SOME CANDY FROM THE STATES!! JEEEFFF.. MY FRIEND..SEND SOME GOOD AMERICAN CANDY OVER HERE!! HAHAHAHA.. but dont give it to john or jay… they’ll eat it all in less than 1 minute! hahhahaabuh bye!

    • Unknown
    • December 22nd, 2004

    johny!!!! i didnt know you had a site…pretty cool…thx for always being there, i really appreciate it!good luck w ellen tmw. shes really cool and fun to go out w! have a merry x mas!! ^^well thats about it! bj, lil

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