Nothing compares like a day at the bowling alley with a group of your close friends. And like all the times im unstoppable…. thats right, im just too good  hehe… well a guy can wish cant he ?? I guess i just had a "off day" cause i didnt play as good as i usally do. Sad to say i didnt even break 100  and i didnt get the highest score… but technically i won and jay lost… he let vernon play for 2 turns so if we add all the points that jay made himself we would have 99… hummm just like me.. oh no a tie…. noooo were both losers . hahahahahaha

    • Florencia
    • December 21st, 2004

    Dude.. give up! admit it.. IM BETTER THAN YOU!!.. you were lucky i couldnt go this time.. hahaha..yeah.. im the queen.. i ROCK!

    • andre
    • December 22nd, 2004

    I can in third, at least u rm better than mei just went better than the girls, not that i am a sexist or anything

    • Paulo
    • December 22nd, 2004

    Commenting here for the first time!And U simply dont let me read the posts, u keep bugging me on the msn! GEEZHappy u got your box, now I dont haver to take my ps2 there, huray!

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