Week of solitude…aka Boredom

Lets see, where to bigin? Well first of all the past 4 days have been….intresting. wait a minute, no it hasnt its been boring.. damn boing. I cant believe how boring it was. I guess it all started when my moms best friends mom died (god bless her soul), a very nice woman. She called late at night… of course i was awake hehe but thats not the point at all… so my mom goes to support here all the night and the next day (sunday) because of the funeral and all.. when she fianlly gets home she sleeps… me and jay spent that 2 days doing wat we usally do…. one of use is on the pc the other is downstairs watchign tv or playing ps2 πŸ™‚ hehe… a very typical weekend.. plus we countinue to try make plans with or friends to do something… well anyways when i woke up on monday…i think it was like 2pm my mom was nowere to be found…. no clue where she was.. jays only remark was…shes with sonia (my moms friend, the one whos mother passed away) so ok… thats fine… nothing new… so we spent the whole day doing the same thing.. nothing.. at all…. then when we were hungry we figured shes not coming back for a while and that we would have to find some food… nothing at all in the house… we finished the sodas and last once of food… jays fault i swear πŸ˜‰ I had to use my mom which i was saving for other things for food… monday i ordered a pizza and that was our meal of the day…. thats right thats it!!! no more food for the day… then tuesday i ordered another pizza for both of use and that was it too…. no more food for the day… plus our buddies the missionaries droped by to just hang out with us.. we played chess and talked about punk music and heavy metal…. they are awsome ppl that know there music hehe…. and also marco tulio.. a long time friend from the past stopped by and chilled out with us too…. playing counter-strick on the pc… so i guess today of all days wasnt so bad… my mom just showed up.. how about that and its only 1am on a wensday…not bad… oh well.. glad shes home safe and sound..

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