hey its finally here after the long wait the day has finally come… Christmas . I just finished eating my x-mas dinner.. awwww soooo much food  hehehe… And we all opened our gifts… I got a cd (simple plan), sandles, headphones, 2 pair of socks, and some jeans… the same with jay except he didnt get a cd… well it was an ok x-mas this year. I would have to say ive had alot better x-mas’s before… I think the best ones I’ve had was when i was still living in the states..  now those where great times… sooooooo many great x-mas memories

Hey cess you where complaining to jay that i didnt put any pics of you on my blog so here you go…

    • Luan
    • December 24th, 2004

    Merry x-mas

    • Priscila
    • December 24th, 2004

    hey … great ! iam happy for u, at least someone has enjoyed x-mas. well for me it is purely commercial. it’s all about consuming and acting as if our families were part of an detergent commercial. well, this x-mas i did not go 2 são paulo to act like that , instead i stayed to make company to my mother , who should spend x-ams w/ her family and her sick mother. turned she argued w/ half of the family, so we r staying home , no dinner , no presents , no nothing. fun ! just watch tv until i rot in the couch . ok,sorry i am having a lil self-inflicted emotional distress. anyhow. this is just a night , 2 morrow my granny will still be sick, everybody will go 2 work and everything remains the same as before. just like my birthday and all the other dates ppl celebrate. so i will just do what i always do in these ocasions, what never fails in my b-day, x-mas, new yrs, easter, or any otheer thing , listen to music laying down in my bed in my room , accompained by my thoughts .

    • Priscila
    • December 24th, 2004

    ohhh, wait … despite all i still wish u and all the loggy family the best. guess u guys know i luv u all very very much , right ? still, just making sure u guys know, u guys r like brothers 2 me , all my middle school memories include u guys in a way or another. my patient skateboarding teachers, bowling buddies, friends in the school halls, classmates… john baking cookies , jay drawing, jeff listening … all the jokes, laughters , dvd watching , or running around the house while playing that game "hide and seak like " game . I LUV MY LOGGY BROS ! and i wish u all a merry x-mas , and great future comming days .

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