Pedro’s Farm

Well i just got back from the group trip to perdo’s farm. We left sunday and returned to rio on thursday. The trip was fun… all except my fall off the hill . It hurt!!!!!! Wat happened was we were playing soccer and i was the goally and thiago kicked the damn ball to hard and it went rushing toward the drop.. so there i was running with alll my might for that ball i almost had it but it was just about to fall so i jumped for it but sadly enough i missed the ball.. it had already started rolling down that evil mountain, and i fall along with it… i probibly would have fallen all the way down but i crash right on top of this stump… and man did it hurt.. i have this nasty bruse on my side, and for wat? A god damn soccer ball!!?? Fuck IT.. hahaha.

Anyways.. the rest of the trip was pretty cool, we played kidnapped like always, but not as much this time.. Did some shooting, soccer of course  <— Not a big fan  hehehe.. It rain once, but it was cold has hell this rain… it started raining during our soccer game out in the field… it was like tiny little rocks were falling on use at first cause it was fucking freezing cold water… we chilled in the hot tub and relaxed in the sauna … and i cant forget our great gambling games such as poker and texas showdown.. blah blah blah…. ok thats about it i suppose…

Oh yeah. Today when we got back, me and jay had to walk half-way around the lagoa with our huge and very heavy bags… its its fucking hot today, almost no clouds in the sky and that sun pissing me off… then we got a van… then had to drag those bags up my street… and all those who knows my street knows thats a pain the ass to go through… bu we did, thank god… found out when we got here… no food, no water, no mom….. hahah the usall!!!!!!

    • Unknown
    • December 30th, 2004

    well, seems cool, i didnt go and stayed home and worked out, etc… so now i have nothing to do, thats why im writing here… hehe. i really need to get out, but its hard since im gonna be in summer school… have fun john, c-ya…

    • andre
    • December 30th, 2004

    Texas Hold’emBad luck today

    • Priscila
    • December 30th, 2004

    heyyyy ! loggy boy, seems like a nice trip =P =)) huggies , gotta go

    • Patrick
    • December 31st, 2004

    heyyfunny story…^^hope you have a good new year =)

    • Jeff
    • January 1st, 2005

    You’re not 19 yet! You are such a liar!!!!!!!P.S.- Our internet finally works!

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