New year

December 31st, a day we all celebrate with egarness and excitement. Doesnt matter wat religion you are or where you come from, its a day we all get together with friends, family or even loved ones 

Enough said about that, this new years me and jay spent our time with vernon and his family. We had free food and free drinks  wat more can anyone want? well maybe one of those "loved ones" i hear so much about. Anyways, new years eve i got pretty wasted hehe… i can never say no to free drinks, i had some tiquila shots, maragitas, smironoff ice, beer (off course) and the night cant end with out some champaign

The next day (january 1st 2005) we spent our day at the beach, meat some ppl from our church then headed back to vernons house where there happened to be a nice barbique.. yummmmm delecious . We had our fill in free food hehe spent most of the day working out, and spent this day drinking hehehe. wats wrong with that!?  I have the right!!! Anyways to end it all. i had a good time this new years… the fireworks in barra really sucked but i had fun anyways…

    • andre
    • January 3rd, 2005

    Nice way to spend new yearsgood 4 u

    • Paulo
    • January 3rd, 2005

    Well, Happy New Year.this Year the party sucked, spend with family, it was depressing, the first time ever.

    • Priscila
    • January 3rd, 2005

    hey !! good !! yeah new years wasn’t bad for me either. had fun aswell =))) at least one worthy celebration . cuz christmas just sucks !have fun in santa catarina ! kisses

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