Its finally decided

Well i finally fiqured out wat im going to do…. I will leave brazil once and for all. Jay has also decided to return to the states as well. He plans to leave in july when he turns 18 and is free to do wat he wants. I will most likey go with him. Jay will go to Utah, but i have 2 options, I might go and live with my sis for a little while to get my stuff together if she gets this one job in san fransico. If not i will move to utah and go to a juinor college then transfer to which ever college i want.
One thing is for sure i am defiently going to miss alot of ppl. I made soo many friends here and i hope we never lose that. but wat am i saying i still have plenty of time here so lets just enjoy that. Its not like nobody saw this coming. Well anyways.. see you guys around for now hehehe 🙂
    • aiza
    • January 23rd, 2005

    Hey John, just wanted to say hi. I havent talked to u in for ever! so Ill ttyl k

    • Cecilia
    • January 28th, 2005

    hey john … well all i have to say it´s that i will miss u c u around

    • harald
    • May 7th, 2005

    hey man,,I like ur writing u got here, keep it up my brutha of anotha colla..I hope to see u tmw in barrils party, we can drink and have fun,,peace my brutha PEACE!!!!!!

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