Cramming hurts the head

Today was a very tirersome day. Cant complain much about school today cause we spent 2 hours i think eating cake and cookies and all sorts of snacks to celibrate a classmates b-day, so that was pretty good…. but the fact is that tomorrow is gonna be hell….i have 3 tests: Biology, Chemistry, and of course Geography. The small fact that i personally think makes it more of a bother is that ur given all 3 tests at the same time…so imagine this… your taking your time on one test and finally when u finish u realize u have 2 more tests to go..awwwwwwwwwww… but honestly thats not the problem..the problem is studying for all 3 subjects. Thats very stressful and tiresome . Ive been cramming since i got home, around 2pm i think and now its 8pm and i only finished studying bio. and chem. i tryed my best to study geography but damn man thats some complicated shit right there… wat to do… oh well

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