Wats up

hey ppl… watzz upp….im sooo bored right now. I have nothing to do. Ive been home for 2 weeks now because of my own lazyness. My mom has been down south in Porto Alegre fixing up and attepmting to sell our estate (also know as a house) we have there. It seems that 1 week has turned into 5 and still the house remains unsold… this is getting tiring, i know this was never gonna be a quick deal but… it feels like me and jay our living by ourselves for a month now. Nothing i can do about that. but now im getting abit worried about school.. i havent gone in 1-2 weeks…i really got to go and make up those tests ive missed. I keep on making one excuse after another. I got to wake up to reality.
    • Unknown
    • April 14th, 2005

    yep, u really need to wake up and smell th fresh air

    • Emanuelle
    • April 18th, 2005

    johhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn dont miss classes.thats so bad. miss you=*

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