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well today started off like any other day… woke up and went to school did my tests (biology, chemistry, and geography) and was getting ready to go home when i was informed that I would have to re-take the tests that i missed.. i already knew that except they told me i would have to do them today right after school. thats 3 missed tests days. each test day has 3 tests so that 9 tests. 9!!!!!!! I complained ofcourse and we ended up setting it up for monday.. thank god haha… no way i would be able to do all those tests with out studying for any of them… well i would pass the english tests easliy haha.

Well anyways i was glad that i didnt have to stay after school cause i already had arangements with a certain someone that i really like and i know she likes me but she just need time to think over it so today i would find out excatly how she felt and wanted to do… So happy, she feels the same and we have decided to date for the remainder of our time here in brazil. I will be going to the states and she will be going to Japan. Yeah you heard me. JAPAN!!!! and like most of you, you should have already guessed who im talking about. Seira. Thats right me and seira are dating now. Too bad its only for 2 months but i want to make the most of it.. no regreats…

Just remeber one thing that will help all of you in the future… Wat will be, will be – O que sera, sera

    • Priscila
    • April 21st, 2005

    HEY! SEIRA !!! how cute ! Well… seira is a really cute , sweet girl and john u’re one great friend.. so happy for u guys !u guys do match actually.. rememberu had interest in japanease stuff… =))hugs pris

    • Emanuelle
    • April 22nd, 2005

    john!!!!thats so beutiful…. im very happy for you and seira. when are you going to the states?=****

    • Cecilia
    • April 26th, 2005

    Hey john john ! dude i´m so happy about u guys ! u guys are very nice people and so i have to say that u guys must bge perfect from eachother hehehe 😛 well good luck in this week and cyaHugsCess,cece,cc ot whatever u call me hehehe

    • Luan
    • April 26th, 2005

    cool man, good shit dating. well, things in africa are going quite good and bad. My grades are going down, but I started to have fun again, in here. next weekend Im taking the SATs. widh me luckLuan CApone

    • Aaron
    • April 26th, 2005

    John!!my buddy my friend my pal!Im happy to hear about the news…i htihnk u guys go great together…we have to make these last few months good and u need to get ur big ass over here for u know what!peace man!Aaron THC me Again

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