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ok i feel that i should write abit more then i have been.. i mean it seems like i only write ever so often a month hehehe.. anyways this week has been the first week of thesis presentations and they all were pretty good… theres still one more week to go but i expect that everybody is gonna do well…  well thats wat everybody is hoping for.

Thursday was the first day of the Starwars mania to begin. Episode IV was on tv and man did i get yelled at by jay for not waking him to see it… hehe not my fault he went to sleep sooo early. And in my defense i tried to wake him a kind of lazy way.. hehe and i fell asleep in the beginning too . Wat i want to do is rent all of the old starwars saga… episodes IV, V, and VI… maybe get some friends to come and watch it with us… it sounds like fun but if I know my friends there not a starwars fan…. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE… and you should be ashame of yourselfs…

If anybody has any suggestion on wat to do feel free to let me know… uww i got an idea lets go bowling.. havent done that in awhile.. and i got money, im in the money, im in the money dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah….hehehe

You should all remeber my little poem i wrote awhile go… time to remeber haha

The Eye
by John Logsdon

The fan keeps turning

as time keeps on going

while images of distruction are burned into my mind

the time and day are different

but each moment is the same

the pain is quite unberable as it flashes in my mind

like thousands of tiny needles prinkling in my eye

can you even imagine, for maybe just a second

how it would be like, to be prinkled in the eye

each night I lie awake

in absolute fear I cry

I cry with the eye that makes me want to die

Why am I still alive?

the torture and the pain

people look at me and stare

"Go to Hell!" I yell, like they even care

and wonder if I am there

Now its time to speak the truth

and stop living this one lie

for each time I see my face

I am missing one good eye!

–The End–

    • Cecilia
    • May 6th, 2005

    Hey john ! Well about ur plans to do something, well i told u that i´m in, i would love to just hang in ur place or go bowling but i dpn´t have money either since the dolar is going down my parents are really worried and so money is not comeing either but still, we can have fun without money rigth ? so why not have fun while we can rigth ? And about ur poem, i like it, is kind of depressing but most of the good poems are dramatic so that´s good. So…Cya around…Cecilia

    • Paulo
    • May 7th, 2005

    I AM a star wars fan!

    • Blondie
    • May 7th, 2005

    hey its me whats up I dont ever open up a book but yeah whats new with u?

    • Julia
    • May 7th, 2005

    hey john!!!!!!!!Nice blog!Bye john…hehehhe

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