hey ppl wats up. im ok abit tired and abit thrilled about school ending and me finally finishing high school. it just feels weird. Me, a high-school graduate hehe… never actually thought it was ever gonna come to this. Now i have to go to the states and grow up. start going to college and study culinary and maybe bussness. All i really want to do is become successful in watever i end up doing or it will all be hopeless. Im starting to get pretty scared about all of this. I dount think i will end up ok. I feel like im gonna screw up. well i guess only time can tell
    • gabrielle.rae
    • May 25th, 2005

    hey john stop being so negative. You’re not gonna screw up, you’ll do just fine. If cooking is something youre passionate about then you’ll do well, you just gotta devote yourself to it. Have some more self confidence too because thinking you’re a fuckup will just bring you down. I know you really well and I know you’ve got a lot of good qualities so stop being hard on yourself. Part of growing up is getting to know yourself and working on self improvement!love yah johngabbip.s. fuckin learn how to spell

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