The graduation of the class of 2005 was wonderful. I still cant believe its over. I was kicking myself during the cermony and thinking that I could have been up there with my former class. That ‘what if’ still bugs me all the time. I was just so stupid for leaving. Well I have been stupid many times in my life so thats not something new for me hehe.

After the graduation we all went out to leblon and celebrated with a couple of rounds of beer, telling past storys, looking through the new year but and just had good time. But the night didnt end there, well for some it did but for the most it didnt hehe. Just a block away was bombar and after quite along discusion on what each of us wanted to do, we ended up heading there. Inside we all had acouple of shots of tequila and the party began. Needless to say I was pretty drunk when I finally got home.

Sadly I had to wake up pretty damn early for school. I already, in a way, graduated as well but due to a certain article in a certain law the entire class has to just show up everyday for atleast 3 hours. It has got to do with days of attendence basicly. Atleast I wasnt the only one up set when hearing the news, but now I really dont care except the small matter of waking up early like usall. I leave the school around 10am so why be mad.. Most likey I wouldnt be doing anything until the afternoon so it all works out.

    • Priscila
    • June 30th, 2005

    hey.. know how it feels like ! have made the bad decision of leaving olm aswell , but hey , just another thing for our profile of bad choices ! the prom we didn’t have, the graduation cerimony we didn’t go to, the spirit weeks we weren´t present, the thesis we didn’t present.. and the list goes on my friend know the feeling . but moving on .. we still keep meeting amazing ppl and doing amazing jobs in our new schools and looking up for the future. keep up w/ it =)big hug !

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