Seira’s gone

Seira has finally moved back to Japan. I have always knew this day would come, since the very beginnig. And because of that I tried my best to spend as much time with her. I will never forget her, she is a wonderful girl who will forever be remebered in my heart. I already miss her sooo much.

One day I will defently go to Japan to see her again. I have always wanted to go to japan for the longest time. It used to be jeffs dream to go but then he gave it up and then somehow it became mine hehehe. Thanks to her I have finally relazied what I trully want to become, a baker. Thats right, im gonna study to become a great baker. Gonna be learning how to make all sorts of pastries and deserts and ofcourse bread.. all sorts of types of bread.. I just find myself enjoying making bread and those type of food. I have found my calling.. and ofcourse pizza as well hehehe.

    • Priscila
    • June 25th, 2005

    hey there boy ! we will all miss seira =) and maybe i´ll join in that trip to japan !! take care, big hug pris

    • Cecilia
    • June 27th, 2005

    Hey sweetie ! Well in my opinion it was great that u and Seira could be together for a while it was great seeing u happy and getting to know Seira more. I´m glad that u wanna be a baker í´m proud of u and i think that someday u will be a great baker and a famous one also hehehe :PKissesC3C!

    • harald
    • June 27th, 2005

    brother, these are very nice words man, we will all miss seira thats for sure, and I wish you the best of luck in the states and may you have God’s speed with your proffesion, good luck my man ..Peace Mario!!!!!

    • Elisabet
    • June 29th, 2005

    hey john!i think it is great that u and seira(sarah)found eachother! happy for u always suck when someone leave but remember that u still can stay in touch:)would also want to send u the best wishes and i hope that u will succeed in your chosen profession! good luck=D

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