Finally some progress

Well im finally able to say that we got our passports ready. Well, atleast the american passport is. I still have to renew mine and Jays brazilian passport but this is still a huge step foreward for us. We have been putting it aside for way to long and that caused this whole situation to get more and more complicated. Now we are finally moving toward the right direction.
I was actually quite surprised about how expensive passports are to do… It cost us $200 dollars. Oh well, it had to be done now all is left to do is the brazilian passport. I wounder how much that will cost. Obviously it will be alot cheaper then the american so thats good.
This sunday Jay and Jeff are finally turning 18!!! 18!!!!!! Can you believe that? Its kind of hard to imagine and accept the fact that we are all getting old. I mean, just look at us. Look at all we have been through and how much we have grown and matured. We, well most of us has graduated from High School. Thats huge!!!! But now we are all going our seprate ways. Some are staying behind here in Brazil while others are moving to other countries like the US, Europe, Japan, and even Argentina. Most of us will keep in touch while others will simply disappear. I truelly hope that doesnt happen.
Anyways, to all my close and important friends, "don’t worry, be happy". I can’t think of any better words then those. So simple but to the point. . We will all see each other in the future so it will never be goodbye. Lets just enjoy the time we all have together and make some great memories.
    • Cecilia
    • June 29th, 2005

    Hey johny boy ! Well i´m happy and sad that u and jay are leaveing brazil. Since i know you and jay u guys have always have the dream of going back to the states and i always thougth that it wouldn´t be soon but now i´m here and i´m seeing this two great people that i grew with,laugh and cryed with leaveing me like other people did before but somehow this is different.I can´t belive that this sunday jay and jeff will be turning 18 it seems yesterday that we all were a big group. When luan,bruna,nick,joo,michele and the rest was here and we used to love to just hang.Good timesWell from me u and jay know that i always will be there for u and jay and jeff whenever u guys need me and i won´t let u guys disapere.Kisses from your crazy mexican friendCess

    • gabrielle.rae
    • June 29th, 2005

    :] good for you john… even though I’m totally against you guys going back to utah and leaving me : [[haha just kidding I know how much you miss the states and, well, you gotta do what you gotta do! But we’ll always keep in touch and stuff!kisses

    • Florencia
    • June 29th, 2005

    Joohhnnnnnn wazzuupp? ssooo.. passports are ready?.. awww im gonna miss you a lot!! im really sad that you’re leaving, but im happy that you are finally gonna go where you always wanted to go. never forget you will always have your friends here!!. by the way.. i luved the new pics! they are awesome!! its nice to have those pics to remember the good times we spend together! hehehehecya this saturdaay!!! we’ll have lots of fun!!beiijooss

    • Priscila
    • June 30th, 2005

    hey there boy ! i am glad u fianally decided whats best for u . Killed me to see u sad like u had no purpouse in life and nothing to persue, but now u got it, u know what u want for a future, u chose what country to live in .. sad part is u can’t recoil from the decision taken, and i think its for the best, but i can’t say how much i will u and my lil bro jay ! cliche but i read somewhere that special people leave footprints on our souls. u know that thing about people who pass through our lives unoticed , other that make it harder for us to pass through, others that makes it more colorful, and u guys were definantly option 3 . Shared most of my life w/ u guys, the happy moments and also the sad, always had u to listen when needed and to laugh w/ . all the jokes in the schools halls, the get togethers at u’re place, movies, mall,friendship 1, 2, and 3 , usual parties, get togethers at cecilias place, movie nights, bruna´s house, art classes, lunch at the schools cafeteria, random talks around the lockers, bowling, i could sit all night naming the moments i would like to live again w/ u guys. All my middle school memories r none if i count u out of them, and even though the begining of high school was a lil messy i still had your presence in it. u silly boys u got me crying at this point, cuz all in all loggy bros, u r my family ! indeed, our friends r the special people we choose to share our lives w/ , its a superior class of family, its the people we choose to cherish and the people that r always in our thoughts , memories and hearts. i still have jay´s and jeff´s drawings kept, still have jay´s barney clay sculrture, and other little things i won’t get ride of , thats how silly i am =Pi guess what i really wanna say is : i am proud of u guys and i wish u all the best, success, luck , health and most of all happiness … and i will miss u two damn too much ! don’t dare to not keep in touch ! i will haunt u down ! HAHAH big kiss from , pris , prissy , sis number…( which was it again?) or whatever u call me

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