Passport Madness

Dude this whole passport situation is driving me and my family insane. Here in brazil there is a law stating that all brazilian citizens has to inlist in the military once they reach the age of 18, no exceptions!!! So Jay and I decided long ago that we would move back to the States before we reach that age. But obviously we didnt simply because of a few reasons..
1) Both our American and Brazilian passports are expired
2) We are very lazy people
So we went to centro and redid our American passports easily but our Brazilian passports is another story. To redo our passports it is required to have inlisted in the military because we are 18,19 years old. So now we have to go and find the right place to inlist for the military.
Today was our first step in getting our brazilian passports and what a time consuming mess it was. We had to drive all the way to jaguarepagua (im sorry but i have no idea on how to spell it) but on our way we missed the exit and was stuck on linha amarelo and we ended up taking another exit in some place i have never heard of before and tried to find away through which we did after asking a handful off people. It took use hours it seemed to find the place to inlist cause for one, my mom didnt really know where it was but we eventually found it…way in plaça seca..or something like that.
There we found out that if we inlist we will not be able to leave the country until we do our time in the military so we didnt and drove all the way back to barra to via park to stop at the polical federal and find out if we really do need to inlist even though we are americans but they were redoing the place and so we drove all the way to centro and went to the polical federal over there… it was packed with people. so full we were not only tired and exhausted from all the long driving but anger at the giant lines for the information section.
We were about to give up and go home and try again tomorrow when my mom was asking the front gaurd about the time it opens when the manager of the place showed up and they started talking and we finally found out everything we have to do. Took us long enough hehe ‘sigh’ So tomorrow we will have to go back to placa seca, inlist, then drive all the way to the headquarters of the military in nitero and explain to them that we are gonna study abroad and they will give us a letter saying that we have been aproved and then from there back to centro and get our passports done which will be ready in 10 days. ‘sigh’ didnt i say it was complicated?
Well we do have a back-up plane if something goes wrong and we do have to serve time in the military. Its genius, if i do say so myself. I thought it up ofcourse hehehe. Well, we cant leave brazil with just our american passports cause we have no visa on it so I thought why not go to argentina cause brazilians dont need there passports to go there, just simply there ID card will do but we will say we are simply Americans and get a visa to argentina on our passports then from there go to the states. No trouble cause we will have a visa on our passports showing how we got there hehe. I know its genius, well if you can understand the whole idea it is,
    • daniel
    • July 11th, 2005

    thats so fucked up all that shit u had to do, so basically u coudl get stuck in brazil or have to go argentina over sum 3rd worldmilitary bullshit, so wack. i swear htey dotn even have enough money to support the military down there dam. well i hope u get out of thee and eventually come vist my ass in FRISCO PCE NIGGA

    • Florencia
    • July 11th, 2005

    pooor johnnyyyy!! that really sucks man!! from jacarepagua then back to centro.. that suuucksS!! i really hope you can get everything solved and reaady on time, im really doubting your plan will work… so lets just hope they give you the brazilian passport. heheh… good luck with everything!! kissesss

    • Priscila
    • July 11th, 2005

    hey.. maybe its a sign u should leave u’re dear friends behind =PP kidding.. i know the brazilian burocracy is full of crap , but u guys will sort it all out. takes a lil while since u waited the passaports expire and also didn’t enlist in the dogdamn thing when u were supposed to. It happens to most guys here, but most don’t have to serve for anything, unless they have bad social conditions, need the job, thinks its a civic duty etc. its rare that a middle class teenager gets called for that. Same trouble to voting system, if u don’t get the voting thing until the age of 18 u get called to work for the government, and u r obliged to work during the election and u cannot miss it or u have to pay high fines . Also if u don’t get it after u ‘r 18 they start charging taxes from the years u didn’t get. so yeah the brazilian system doesn’t make it easy for ppl, at all and we still have a fucked up structure , 3rd world economy, shitty public facilities, unemployement, etc etc etc. ok.. i hate this freaking government. but take a deep breath and insist , cuz if u do all as its asked u won’t have a hard time exiting brazil, and it will be for the best. good luck boys ! have to go.. studying like a freak for finals exams , pretty stressed myself. kisses pris

    • Camila
    • July 11th, 2005

    wow!! i didnt know it was that complicated to get the God damn Brazilian passport! that must have been exhausting! going here and there and nothing gets really solved out! shoot man! but now I guess things are going on the right track! so, I wish you all the luck, ; ) i agree with Flore, I think its better that you wait to get the brazilian passport instead of trying the Argetina plan.. hehe. although it could somewhat work.. but its better no to risk it hugs and kissesand when is the next party?? hehe Happy Tree Friends ruleeeez, la la la la la la

    • Unknown
    • July 12th, 2005

    haha, dude that sucks, just say u have some physial deficiency and they can’t force u to join the military… oh well, if u pass by orlando on ur trip give me a call dude…

    • gabrielle.rae
    • July 13th, 2005

    Hey John! they can’t make you serve in the fuckin military. Just say your gay or get a doctor’s note saying you have cancer or some pulmonary disease. But if you say your gay they’ll write it on your brazilian passport hahahaha and you’ll be labeled for life. Don’t abandon me dear neighbor! then what will I do? And if you guys actually do leave don’t go to Utah! go to Chicago or New York! Then I’ll be able to visit!Ok love you guys! We’ll do something when I’m not sick anymorekisses Gabrielle

    • Paulo
    • July 13th, 2005

    Well that sucks, but there are ways, and the miliary has no money to pay those on service, they are not picking you guys. Don´t Worry.

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