We are on our way

Well this week has been tough but we actually got through it  yay.
We have enlisted in the military and got the aproval to leave the
country, so on monday we are gonna get the brazilian passports done and
we are planning on leaving on august 4th or 5th if nothing goes wrong
like the passports will take longer, we can never be too sure. From
Brazil we are planning on going to chicago and spending a week or 2
with my sister and see jeff there cause he is visting her right now and
having a great time. He has got free tickets to all the games and
whatever else is happening in chicago… i have no clue .
Well from there we will head toward Utah and there is a big chance that
Luan will be coming to utah as well and gonna live with us in
a apartment… roomates . Anyways the time of our departure is coming soon and if your not careful we will be gone for good so keep writing hehe.

oh and look at this pics of me that i made
(from left to right [top]) me sad and lonely, Mr. music loving chef, me
hehe. (from left to right [middle]) depressed me with sword hehe, What I wished i looked like. (bottom) kiss
the cook chef by priss
hehe click to enlarge

    • Jeff
    • August 3rd, 2005

    It’s a LOGSDONPALUZA!!!! That’s what Dan says all the time. Anyway… I’m sorry that nobody replied to this little entry. Maybe it’s because you mentioned my name. HAS EVERYBODY FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME? All I see in people’s comments is how you and Jay were the only reasons why OLM was great and bla bla bla…. Nobody cares about me anymore…. :((((

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