Wisdom Teeth

Tuesday morning I went to the dentist and got some x-rays of my wisdom teeth and had a simple normal check up of my perfect teeth. Why are they perfect you ask? Because im cavity free thats why, and I always was. I have never had a single cavity in my whole life heehee isnt that just wonderful? Arnt you all just so haooy for me? Dont you all wish you had perfect teeth like me? heehee I am the only one in my family with these types of teeth… everybody else have sensitive teeth so it seems but not me. Funny, cause to be honest everybody else brushes there teeth 3 times more then actually do heehee some would say thats sick and they might be right but i do brush my teeth quite often so just zip it heehee.
Well anyways, after the check up i had to make a decision wether or not i should have my bottom wisdom teeth removed and i figure "why not just get it over with it now before i move to the states where dentistry is extremly expensive and over here its around 400 reais… so i figured what the hell and decided to remove them… so later that day i returned and had my 45 min. dental cirgery. It wasnt as bad as i had tought it would be. Mostly because my face was numb and i could feel a damn thing (thank god heehee). It was only after on 1-2 hour drive home that the numbness faded away the pain hit me like a bag of bricks. Oh my god the pain, the pain!!!! Thats torture. The first night was unforgetable hehe maybe im just over reacting but i guess we will never know. Today its not so bad. its getting better so i think everthing is healing perfectly, I hope. Last night there was soo much blood in my mouth and it hurt to swallow. Im not sure if thats due to the cirgery but it did hurt. Anyways they only removed 1 tooth and its decided that on moday (the 1st) I will go back, have my stiches removed then have my 2nd wisdom tooth removed and have those stiches removed on friday of that week (the 5th) hopefully in the morning so that i can quickly head back home to quickly pack and get everything in order for the big day.
    • Alexei
    • July 27th, 2005

    Yeah men dentist suk, i had to remove my four cisos this week, and it was really bad. Man i cant believe u guys are leaving that suks even more. U guys are really goin to leave a big space behind. I hope i can see u all before u leave… no i am goin to…

    • Cecilia
    • July 28th, 2005

    Hey there…Well i have nothing to say hehe 😛 It must realy hurt to take out ur teeth but it had to happen so…. well kisses and hugscya Cess

    • Priscila
    • July 28th, 2005

    hey there ! as said before the wisdom teeth will be alright ! i am sure u got a good professional to remove them so u don’t have to worry about it. Lucky u haven’t had reallydental problems such as cavities and others. Wisdom teeth most people have to remove , so u can manage to stand the uncomfort of the stiches. So u r enjoying macae huh ? u better enjoy u’re last days in brazil, so not to miss them more than i am sure u already will. looking foward to see u soon. take care big kiss

    • Jeff
    • August 2nd, 2005

    That’s just poop on a stick…:)

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