D-day II

Well lets see… where to begin, umm… well theres less then 4 days till me and jay are on a plane out of Brazil and we are both really excited. Unfortantly complications has arised that simply made our final week a pain in the ass. Our mom has gonna crazy!!! As we all know history repeats itself and so it has. If all of you know Logsdon history you should recall a curtain event known as "D-day" that was a day that will never be forgotten in the Logsdon family. For many it was a day that opened eyes and doors but for a small few it was a day that closed doors and entrapment. And what was the cause for D-day? Like everything bad in this world, the reason for all negativity in the world is money. Always is, was, and will be.

Now, as i mentioned before, history repeats itself… like a sick twist of fate.. "D-day II" has been declared heehee. Funny as it may sound it was no laughing matter. It was filled with upmost anger, fustration, and fear. Again, it too was caused by money but not just that, the departure of Jay and I also play a critical role in this event in Logsdon history. With us gone the only income my mother has gotten, our child support, will vanish. My mother has tried so many things to prevent us from ever leaving the country but alas one thing she has no power over is our age.. with us being no longer minors we have full power over the money which we gladly stopped it. Cause, by us going to the states the child support system differs and is no longer valed, in a sense. So now there is no money and my always caring mother ‘flips’. The anger, the fustration, the fear. Things she said to us took jay and I by such shocking surprise. How could a mother who was always this loving, caring person change so dramticly? But I do understand how she is feeling and it pains me to leave her in this situation but it cant be help.

At the moment Jay is in Rio gathering all our belongings and preparing to bring them back here to macae. We are all troubled be these turn of event and not curtain what is going to happen. We all fear for Jay as he walks in the loins den hoping to come out in one peice. Just waiting for his call. But im curtain that he is doing prefectly well for he is a man of the lord, some would say. I that remains to be undone is our brazilian passports which are all ready to be picked up in centro. Jay has already picked his passport up so all that is left is me and it turns out i will only be able to pick them up on monday, the day of my flight. I hope nothing goes wrong heehee. I have just spoken with Jay and it seems that my mother has calmed down or is actually using all her emotions toward a certain goal… to bury my dad in court. Im not sure what is gonna happen but I sure dont want to be around when it happens.


Today is my dear friends Ceci’s birthday and we are all gonna celebrate tonight heehee. Big party yay. Cant wait, I just love her mom’s margaritas hehe (probibly spelled wrong, i know i know) and real mexican food yumm. And saterday, if im not mistaken Pris has organized a good bye party at my house. Im looking forward to it. It was a real pain cause I had to constantly find out the situation at home if everything is ok for the party and now its all good, so im glad

    • Jeff
    • August 5th, 2005

    Well….I guess I should be glad that I was officially the only one of us Logsdons to NOT have been "kicked out" by Mom. That’s cool. Anyway, I hope you can get your passport on time. Just four more days are you’ll be on a plane to Chicago! Yay! Oh, and if any of you are wondering… I went to the hospital yesturday concerning my health. No worries, I’m fine. I’m just underweight, but when was that news? I don’t know! ANYway! Ceci, congats on your birthday! I hope both parties are a success… Tchau!!! hahaha

    • Jeff
    • August 6th, 2005

    Start a countdown!!! Countdown: 3 Days Left!!!!!

    • Jeff
    • August 6th, 2005

    Hey John! It’s nice to see that evrthing is ok. But I think u should smile in pictures… make it less scary!!!

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