ok i have finally arived in chicago around 5am and i cant really complain about my flight cause the plane had video screens on the back of every seat so that was pretty cool plus they had good movies to watch like madegascar, sahara, monster in law, and some other movies i cant remeber. the only thing that was pissing my off was that i could move my right leg cause there was some sort of metal boz underneath the seat infront of me. my leg fell asleep and thats always a pain.
Once we were hear we stopped at a grocery store to get some food so we would have something to eat while my sister and Dan her boyfriend is at work and man was it different from brazil.. it looked like everthing here is buy one get one free sort of thing and in jumbo sizes too.. i mean they are huge!!! after that we went to my sisters apartment and chilled for alittle bit then decided to go to the museum of the arts so we left the apartment around 10 and got there around 3 but only headed for the train somewhere around 4pm… damn that was alot of walking… we walked all that way there… and its extremly hot over here…we were melting hahaha but we did take some pictures, man i really wish i never shaved… i feel like a marshmellow man in some of the pics. anyways once we got back to the apartment we headed to the beach..well not really a beach it was lake michgiun and its huge cant even see the other side. but it doesnt even compare to the beaches of rio.. just no way hehe..we simply played alittle football then fell asleep on the beach hehe
After the beach we had dinner at Dans house then in the spur of the moment kind of thing we all got into his car and went downtown can went up the Hancock tower or buliding or whatever… 96 floors now thats pretty high.. the elevator is soo fast we went all the way up in 1-2mins.. thats it… it was really cool and the view was awsome… not even the view from the airplane compared to it. Im hoping to go up the Sears tower which is the tallest building in chicago… well see hehe… my sister is thinking of taking us to siz flags and im soo excited I really cant wait.. its great
    • Camila
    • August 10th, 2005

    hey there! wow that is so cool the thing of the personal video screens of whatever way they call it! i want to have one of those too in my trip to Germany! and I love Madagascar movie! you were lucky, hehe. so you had a nice day, musems, grocery stores with jumbo size things, hehe. nice! hugs and kisses

    • Jeff
    • August 15th, 2005

    UPDATE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! What the heck are you doing in Utah??? PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW!!!!

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