So far in utah

ok, it seems almost nobody bothers to even read my blog and that upsets me….. god damn you guys!!! forget it. Im just gonna start writing for my own pleasure. Anyways we are all here in utah now, me jay and jeff. We are staying at my aunts until we rent an apartment which we are about to get. things are pretty complicated to do cause for everything we need we will need a curtain document so it starts pissing me off. its so hot over here but sooner or later it will snow..probibly in october… i hope we have a car by then but most likey not hehe… we have all opened a bank account and have checks and credit cards and everything hehe yay we are finally starting to act like adults hehe… how time flys… i really miss all of you in brazil. and i hope to hear from all of you soon.
    • Cecilia
    • August 19th, 2005

    Hey sweetie ! I am glad that now the logys are together again. Jeff told me about u guys living with ur aunt and the whole chaos. Well i miss u 2 and i did send u an e-mail ! Don´t know what happened.Well i maked a comment.Lots of hugs.E-mail me !Cess

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