James’s Bachelor party

My brothers and I have moved into our new apartment and its great. Its pretty big amd close to everything. We have been walking all over the city and its starting to cramp my legs alot hehe but now im starting to get used to all the walking. We are living in downtown Salt Lake City. I love the city cause its so esay to get around without a car. The other day was my older brother’s bachelor party, if you dont know what that is its a party to celebrate him getting married but only for guys.. cause he is very religious and a rightous guy it wasnt like a traditional bachelor party which usally has strippers and dancers and everybody getting drunk hahaha no, we went hiking up the canyon and up the mountain and went camping… its was a very long hike and ofcourse i was the one who was having the hardest time getting up cause of my lack of fitness hehe. Anyways its was a great trip. We all had alot of fun and the veiw from up there was awsome.. but it was sooo cold and the winds were sooo strong when we were trying to go to sleep. We thought a storm was heading toward us and we were making such a big deal over it hehe… some of my older brothers friends brought hammocks to sleep in but because of the strong winds they were swinging like crazy and some even fell to the ground hard. It was soo funny. There was no tent so we all slept on the floor which was find but i was freezing, well mainly my head was cause i had nothing to cover it up. I buried myself inside my sleeping bag and all i could hear was the sound of the raging winds and my brother’s friends comments on it. The way back down was awsome. The sun rise was beautiful as we were hiking back to the car.
    • Mica
    • December 1st, 2005

    hehehe cute pics, nice blog, sweet space!Lol theres ur comment hun, hope alls good over there.Lotsa Luv,Monica.

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