Halloween was soo fun… well i had to work but it was only for the lunch shift hehe after that i headed home changed then we all went to the library and used the internet. Then jay headed for work, he couldnt trick or treat and jeff didnt want to. Anyways i got on the train and man it was full!! Nothing compared to the trains in japan but it was pretty full for Utah standards hehe.
Once i got there and waited for my aunt and my cousin to pick me up from the tracks we stopped by a supermarket bought some candy and then head back to her place. Once i got there i went straight for a pillow and grabbed out its cover and rushed outside where i waited for my cousin. Once we left we ran to each house on the street. The night of Trick or Treating has begun hehehe… we ran from house to house for about a half hour before i couldnt run anymore then it got pretty slow hehe.. walking from house to house.
There was this one house we ended up and he was asking how old we were and that we were too old for halloween but the truth is he didnt even care hehe. I still cant believe some people that i was 16!! Oh well hehe and then there was this one guy who made us excersice for our treats hehe he made us do some push-ups for the candy which my cousin did with out any complaints where as I was trying to swing my way around it but no go… i figured it was something to talk about later so i did it and got my candy and moved on hehe it was funny… there was some places that people hid themselves and after we got our candy they just jump out at you and give you a good fright… this happened to me twice… abit embarresed but a good laugh hehe
After awhile trick or treating i realized that we have gotten ourselves lost but that didnt give an excuse to stop going to doors and recieving our candy. Oh no!! hehe. After a long trip and alot of turns i realized that we were in my old neighborhood and so I lead ourselves to the church which is only 2 blocks away from there house and so we were saved due to my qucik thinking hehehe and got plenty of candy because of it hehe
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