Hey everybody, things are goning well over here. I have been studying, or atleast trying, for the ACT exams. Its gonna be on dec. 10th which is next saterday.. i really dont have much time left and i cant fool around any longer. I have to get serious. This is my life im talking about here. I am about to turn 20 years old. 20!!!! Its still much of a shock for me. I have finally made up my mind…I know what I am gonna do with my life… and believe me that its not gonna be easy at all. I also know that nobody is gonna help me with it. Its all on me and I cant let the thoughts of my family stop me cause it seems that they all think that I will just change my mind like I have done many times before but this time I will not change my mind. I wont let myself change. This is it!! I know what I am gonna do. Nothing is holding me back except myself.
    • Priscila
    • December 1st, 2005

    hey thats my boy , gotta be determined !! ah johnny listening to millecolin .. so depressive, keep remembering all our talks, random momets.. seems like a yr ago we were at the halls of olm listening to u’r discman arguing about who dropped it or something, or at u’r place listening to music , watching dvds, playing kidnap !!! man, u r turning 20 !! i can’t belive it myself ! Study , u will kick out in the ACT !! all u have to do is want =) wish u all the best ! i belive in u =)hugs, Priscila

    • Christopher J.
    • December 5th, 2005

    johnjohnjohn study study study play play playthats all i got to say!hehe

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