today was the day I have been dreading for 2 months now. I started out the day by waking up at 6am.. something im just not used to anymore hehe and took a nice hot shower.. ate some breakfest and then Andrea and Dan offered to give me a lift up to the University.. we stoped at a starbucks and got myself a butter crossaint, yummm got to love those crossaints hehe after that I went up to the University and found where I needed to go and man was it packed. Not once did I think to myself that there were other people doing it too haha.. I was too focused on the fact that I am actually doing it. But yeah it was alot of kids doing the ACT and the line to just get your identification processed and assigned rooms and seats took sometime but it was well worth it. As I was doing the test, it hit me.. I know how to do these questions and I know what im doing… ofcourse in the science and reasoning test i was pretty much clueless so I just did my best and hope my luck is good. But in general I think I did pretty well.. better then some.
This is an awsome feeling of accomplishment. Now all is left it apply for college and get the ball rolling. I just wish I didnt have to wait 47 weeks, or 2-3 months to find out how well I did but theres nothing I can do anymore.. yay!!!!
    • Christopher J.
    • December 10th, 2005

    Hey John you have finaly did it, now all that presure or stress is gone. Congraduations bro. Now you can start college and actually have some fun now. Poud of ya, keep it up, now you can learn japanese and photography without having to worry about the ACT. 😉

    • daniel
    • December 12th, 2005

    wussup niggaaaaaaaaagood luck on the ACT, i sjut took the SAT here at EARJ, tell jay i said hi and keep it real, buy a S 500 mercedes when u can, then u a baller pce

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