The Weekend

Alright this weekend my sister and her boyfriend Dan came and visited us. Well there real intentions were to go skiing and they stayed at our place which was fine by us. Anyways Before they came I have been busting my balls trying to get somebody, anybody to take over my shift on saterday cause I work friday night and Saterday night which sucks cause during the day my sis will be skiing and i will only have the evening to spend some time with her but i couldnt get anybody to cover my shift… it really pissed me off. On saterday after work i was only able to spend about ahour before they went to sleep… thats it!! I decided to prevent anything like this to happen again I will no longer work saterdays!!!!
Oh yeah and Saterday morning I went and did the ACT exam which I wrote all about it below
    • Vernon
    • December 12th, 2005

    hey john, whats up???hang in there man, college is really tough… u gotta start careful, life can kick u in the ass really hard… take care man, hope 2 c u soon…

    • Byron
    • December 14th, 2005

    Whatsup Logs, only wanted to say good luck on your ACT.I haven’t taken them for almost 4 years ago. By the way don’t give up and try your best in college.If you fuck up its hard to get back to school (happened to me and I’m just about to start school again after a year of dropping out).By the way this is Byrc from Anime-source 🙂

    • Priscila
    • December 14th, 2005

    hey.. before u start saying i am the worse friend in earth… working life tough on u, huh ? well we r getting old.. life start complicating stuff for us and kicking us harder in the ass ! haah it never gets better, as murphy and his dumbass laws which were correctall time would say .. to every solution there is a new problem ! but hey, we always keep going , maybe will have fun when we retire !! hahah joking, sometime u’ll have it better on u’r way. luv ya, kisses

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