hey guys.. yeah I have taken the ACT and its the greatest feeling ever… the fact that I actually did it and possibly did well on it is just awsome. This morning me and Jay went over to maryvns (a clothes store) where they were having a huge clearance sale cause they were closing… everything was 75% off plus my aunt works there so with her we got an aditional 10% off…. dude we were buying tons of stuff… i was able to save about $90 worth of clothes… i only spent about $50 haha. Most of these things were $30-$40 and I bought them for only $3-$4 hahaha isnt that awsome… i know i think so… I got a nice $80 jacket for $10 hehehe great day indeed
    • Priscila
    • December 14th, 2005

    hey happy for u’r shopping day !! i wanna get new clothes.. dammit, things here r to expensive, decent pair of jeans for 80 up, nice shirts to go out not less than 50 .. and i never get enouh money for christmas.. and spent all my allowence . if i could call it that on private tutoring. getting poor. haha wishing santa existed, or that atleast my christmas money came w/ some extra taxes from anual raise. haaha well i gotta get going.. kissesoh and of course, i am glad u made it in the ACT .. cheering for u !

    • José Luis
    • December 15th, 2005

    oi oi oi john!!!this is a cool space… i loved the photos…i miss you all vry much!!!!!tchau kra!!!! abraço pra vc!!! 😉

    • Cecilia
    • December 15th, 2005

    Hey sweety ! I really hope you do well on the ACT test that you took today ! I know that you will do good :P…and as you always complain that i never visit your space…well here i am…hehe 😛 Oh guess what ? I am leaving to Mexico tomorrow at 5am :S but i am so so so so exited ! Have no idea 😛 Well i promise that i will check on what you write and i hope you do the same in mine hu !?Kisses and lots lots lots of big hugsCess

    • Aaron
    • December 15th, 2005

    Hey JOhn!!im glad u got some new clothes. I need some new clothes too!! Well i hope u did great on ur ACT. TOday we had the last math test and i did great for the first time!NEW SUMMERSCHOOL!!!!!!!well i hope u guys make good use out of the clothes. Well send me an email someitme still waiting for a reply from u and jay..hey jeff…..Peace my lazy logs brothers…..MAY THE FORCE BE WITH U

    • Paula
    • December 16th, 2005

    hey john!! since a promised comments in your blogger here i am !!heheheim glad u think u did well on your ACT!u guys are so lucky…i wish we had these in brazil in those really expensive stores so i could save a lot of monye and buy a lot of stuff!!hehehethanks for alwayas leaving comments in our blogger!kisses

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