Christmas is on its way

Yes Christmas is on its way and we are all excited about it… cause for some it means gifts and for others its a weekend off work… well im both hehe.. working everyday can be so boring and tiring.. the same thing everyday but at least we got money in our pockets and food on the table… two things that werent always a there for us in brazil.. but no matter.. thats gone and done with. We have all grown alot in these 4 months here in brazil. We are still growing and maturing and one day we will no longer be those imature kids from brazil but ……… well i have lost my train of thought hahaha… no matter i think you know where i was going with this… next time we all see each other i expect alot of storys haha
    • Paula
    • December 22nd, 2005

    very deep thoughts!!hehehelife in brazil was rough on u guys, and im proud of all of u who hung on even when times were rough and u all deserve a better life, with as many opportunities as u can!!kisses

    • Luks
    • January 4th, 2006

    Hello guy! I don´t know speak inglish very well but i like´d know other cultures and make much friendship.Don´t worry i´m not gay. hahaha

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