Christmas Party

The other day at the library I was doing my usall routine… use up my time on the internet and after study some japanese. As I was studying some hiragana I knowticed this girl who happened to be sitting across from me staring at what I was doing. It was weird but cool.. we started talking and ended up talking for a couple of hours and she ended up inviting me to a friend of hers Christmas party… ofcourse I had nothing better to do so I accepted and went with her.. on our way to the party we stopped at a Oriental Food Market and picked up some snacks for the party… oh and she’s from Korea… anyways it was raining the whole time so yeah we were getting pretty soaked… I think the one thing i really liked about her is that she thought I was really funny… weird but true..
At the party I felt kind of weird being there cause I didnt know anybody and I was the youngest person at the party… It was nice that everybody was LDS (mormon) and they were all pretty friendly towards me. We had alot of food and we played some games. All in all I had a great time… and im sure I will see them all again one day.. Its funny to think that if i had sat at a different table I wouldnt have had this wonderful evening hehe
    • Vernon
    • December 21st, 2005

    whats up john… u finally met a girl huh… it was about time… haha… just kidding, i think its cool u met new people… i hope u have a lot of fun during christmas. merry x-mas, c-ya

    • Paula
    • December 22nd, 2005

    heythats great!!yeah if u were at another table or had left the library 5 minutes earlier u wouldnt have met the girl!!loland im glad u had fun at the party and i hope u do keep on hanging out with them, they seem like nice people to be around!!kisses

    • Jeff
    • December 24th, 2005

    Johnny John John John,Why wasn’t I told about this??? I’m your roomate and I didn’t even know!!! What’s up with that? Anyway, that’s cool. Just think of it this way… If you didn’t notice her looking at you… Bla bla bla… You know where this is headed. Anyway, congrats on the party. It sounded fun 😉

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