Talking about Christmas eve/ Christmas

hey everybody… well christmas has passed but we all had a great time… im a bit lazy to write everything so I just quoted from Jay’s blog. 


Christmas eve/ Christmas

Wow these two day were really good days for me and my brothers. On Christmas Eve we started the day with a lot of excercise. Thats right we started by playing DAnce Dance Revolution! hahaha I know we are adictive. but hey its soo fun. Later that day my brother and his wife, Vivian, came over and started to prepare us the grand dinner with my Aunt. My Aunt made a turkey and Vivian made all the deserts. She made some really good pavae and pudim. yummie!!! and they sure were!!!! After dinner we played a game of sorry where I won!! hehehe It was a good game. Then we watched a Movie, cant really remember what it was called, I think it was called a Wonderful World or something like that. It was an old black and white movie. I think this movei was the movie who first said that when a bell rings an angel gets his wings. Well it was a really good movie. By the time the movie ended it was christmas. Yay it was time to open our present!!!. I recieved a pair of sk8 shoes, a shirt, some shorts that look like golfing shorts (have no clue why someone baught me that!), some socks, a gift card for walmart, a dumb and dummer`r dvd (john mistook it for the first one), a bon jovi cd, and a ps2 game. It was great! Then we all fell asleep. woke up and went to church. A very good day it was. After Church we went to Vivians families house to celebrate christmas with them. There we ate a good dinner and went to a house to open the gifts that they had. We then were given even more presents. One from my brother and my sister had sent us a gift too. We got some board games from my brother, I got Life, john got Sorry, and Jeff got Clue. All three games that we love to play. Now we can play at our house. yay. Then we opened the present my sister and her boyfriend, Dan, sent us. It was snow gear. Very cool, very worm too. Now we are all set for anything. It was a really good day! wow this is a really long blog. hope you didnt fall a sleep while reading it
    • Paula
    • December 29th, 2005

    hey!!jay had such a hard time writing that thing about his christmas and u just stole it?? hauhauahuai can see u guys had fun, but i still dont know what u got!!kisses

    • Christopher J.
    • December 29th, 2005

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh john!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you suck man, what a jerk! hehehehehehe just kidding, but hey you didnt write about what you got!

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