New Years Eve

This New Year will be rembered for as long as Jay and Jeff can bring it up in my face to embarrasment. I will start from the beginning…
At 10 o’clock, Jeff, Jay, William, and I rushed into the car and drove out in a search for the Rek Center where we were informed that there will be a huge rave. Unfortuntly we were unable to find any such place within the directions we were given. We drove and drove for about an hour listening to the soundtrack for ‘The NightMare before Christmas’ and also a family treasure full of wonderfully hillarous christmas memories called ‘Chicken Soup For Little Souls’. When we started listening to Chicken Soup, William said something that at the moment caused us to laugh sooo hard that I actually had tears in my eyes. I quate "Finally some happy music". It probibly doesnt sound so funny right now, but the fact is that almost everything we have been listening was usally dipressing songs.
Now as we were singing in the car as loud as we could and laugh and simply having a party inside, we were still in search for the mystrious party. We were getting disprete and at one point Jeff decided to simply head to the movies instead. At this remark, William and Jay started screaming "I have to go… I want to make-out!!!!" It was a pretty funny moment for me and jeff who just starred at each other and told them how horney they really are haha.
Anyways after so long of searching we finally found the Rave… it turned out that we passed it 3 times already.. it wasnt our fault at all. It wasnt at the Rek Center. It was actually at the Expo. So we finally got there, paid our entrace fee and we noticed that there was a kareoke stage there as well. I was soo excited, I really wanted to get up and do it but nobody wanted to go with me.. they were just scarred haha. So we went inside and it was huge.. they split the area to 3 sections. 1st section was country dance, the 2nd was hip-hop and the 3rd was latin… we checked out all three but we simply stayed at the hip-hop one cause the rest seemed to need to have a couple which we did not..
Everybody was dancing away while we were not at first. Ofcourse I was but they werent. Jay tired his best but in the end it was I who danced the most out of us 4 and im proud hehe. At one point it ended up as a slow song so we sat down on the side and william decided that we should as some girls to dance. As we got up william notices 3 girls sitting down real close by and what does he do? He points straight at them and yells "Hey theres 3 right here!!!!". Ofcourse they noticed him and heard him and ofcourse we quickly bailed and rushed away haha… it was embarrasing haha.. and then we talked about what just happened and they the subject about their age  came up and he quickly turns and rushes towards them again!! Now we all knew what was about to happen and again we quickly bailed before more embrassment.. hhehe anyways as the count-down started we all rushed into the center where there were tons of ballons hanging from the ceiling. It was awsome having all those ballons fall on your heads…
After that we started heading out and I decided to go up and do some kareoke.. what an embarrassment! Well, I am still proud cause I went up and did it, even though it was awful. Ok, I sat down and looked through the books in search of a good song to sing. I decided on singing ‘All the small things’ by Blink 182 but then I found that they had Nirvana.. and I quickly changed my choich to ‘Smells like teen spirit’ by Nirvana… man I was soo bad…. I was soo embarresed.. My brothers couldnt stop laughing.. they said that they never laughed soo hard all day. Yeah that made me feel better, but oh well, good memories.. thats all life is about.. memories.. There was one part of the song where it goes ‘I Feel Stupid’ and the truth is, It was the truth!!! haha I felt so stupid cause I was soo bad.. but I think that I will still get up on that stage and doing it again if I had the choich… it was worth it!!
    • Venessa
    • January 1st, 2006

    Hey, that was an awesome story, about what happened last night. I wish I could have been there to laugh and have a blast, although I would have been embarrassed myself, just by the way your bros were acting and what was being said. Anyways, I thought it was great. Glad you had fun.

    • Jeff
    • January 1st, 2006

    John John Johnny John John,What a night. Awesome. You forgot to mention that the first thing you did in 2006 was embarrass yourself 😉 hehe. I’m just kidding!!! I think we all had our share of embarrassing moments. Yours was just funnier.Now, all we need to do is embarrass Jay somehow… I wonder how or when that’ll happen… 😉

    • Paula
    • January 2nd, 2006

    im sad!!! its the 1st time im not the 1st one to comment here!! hauhauhawow i can see u guys had lots of fun…probably more fun than i did!!heheheits better to regret something u did then not have done it at all!!!im glad u guys had fun, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!kisses

    • harald
    • January 2nd, 2006

    Hey bro,, I just wanna wish u and the brutha a happy New year… may if be filled with alot of joy,, I hope u guys will come by brasil sometime so we can go out and chill to the clubs like the old days..Take care bro. Peave and Luv MARIO!!!

    • Vernon
    • January 2nd, 2006

    john!!!!how is this possible? u have the balls to go up and sing on stage but not to talk to girls, i’m dissapointed… hehehope u had a good new year…

    • Guilherme
    • January 2nd, 2006

    hey johnnnnn, feels weird commenting here now that im talking to you hauhauhauha, but happy news year, you seemed to sing great hauhauhauhauha………you guys should come to rio again…………………………cya…………

    • Alexandra
    • January 2nd, 2006

    what have you turned into without me John? you are crazy! i miss you all! come to rio soon so i can give you guys a good party!HAPPY NEW YEAR!kisses,alex

    • Cecilia
    • January 4th, 2006

    Hey sweety ! Well here i am publishing haha as you asked me so badlly 😛 Well i am glad that u singed,that is what new years eve are for rigth ? to let out the things that before you would turn red and run away,face the fact and go fo it ! I am really porund of you ! I miss u tons,send a gig hug to your bro´s…Kissses….Cess

    • Christopher J.
    • January 4th, 2006

    ahhhhh that was some singing talent you have there john. huahauhauahuahauhauahuahuahuahuahuahauhauha it was just to funny. couldnt even look at you when you were singing. hehe

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