New Camera

yay the day has finally come… the arrival of my new Nikon Digital SLR D50 has finally come. Yes its a beauty hehe and im soo happy. Now I will work hard to be a great photographer.. there is nothing stopping me now!! haha I spent the whole day taking pictures.. some where good while otheres where pretty crappy, well thats how it works… If I can atleast have a few great pictures a day then I should be on the right track to success hehe. This is just one step to fullfilling my dream!!!
Here is just some of the pics I took that I liked
    • Aline Vanessa
    • January 11th, 2006

    Aos meus amiguimhos e miguinhas(Reflitão) Beijos a todos.O que precisamos perdoar nos outros pode ser algo que esta em nós mesmose ocultamos de nossa conciência.*Podemos escolher a paz de espírito como nosso unicopropósito.*Somos responsáveis pela nossa felicidade.*De Aline Vanessa Monitora Técnica do ProkaeProjeto Karatê Estudantil todos com Deus.

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