For the past week now me and Jay have been working for a company called SOS Staffing. Now they have sent us to work for a construction company for about 2 weeks. We are buliding a auto-shop store called Checkers. Now when it was our first day, I must say that we were badly uninformed about the dirrections.. we were mislead and given so awful dirrects but it could also be jays fault on that one due to the fact that he was the one who wrote down all the information.. So monday morning we wake up alot earlier then we have ever done since we got here, well now thats not true, I suppose I woke up that ealry to go take my ACT test hehe. Anyways we got on the train and got off where we tought we were supposed to and walked about 8 blocks (and the blocks here are huge compared to brazil) now we were starting to really pissed off cause we couldnt find it and we just noticed that we were not on the right street so we started walking south for about 25 mins and we had to cross over the freeway and finally found the store.. we walked for about a hour and if we just got off the next train stop it would have saved us soo much time… yeah back to the subject, on monday the inside was completely empty… its amazing how you can build a store so fast. This week at work we both have had plenty of accedents like have our fingers smashed and boards falling on top of us and bars flying everywhere and so on and so forth.. we have bruses and cuts and everything but its really such an easy job. We have met some cool people and also some that I will never forget.. like this one guy (i actually feel bad for the guy) Joe, now he is 32 and he has never had sex.. thats right a 32 year old virgin and he still lives with his mother.. hasnt had a girlfriend for 8 years. But on his defense he isnt quite perfect in his head if you know what I mean!
anyways thats the update so far, we probibly have 2 more workdays to go then its over and on to a new job.. Jay is still working for SuCasa so he actually has 2 jobs and works all day.. after work in the store he heads over to sucasa… its been a tough week for him but its almost over and we will soon get paid! Yes!
    • Paula
    • January 31st, 2006

    poor joe!!!hahahahhaha wow u didnt tell me all that story! i just knew u were wroking at a construction… ceci and i had a story like that one, it was great, we were in the sun in barra for an hour!!hahaha

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