Well I just got to say that I love this weather we are having lately.
Its just so warm lately with the sun out and a great breeze blowing. It just makes you want to lay down in the grass and enjoy this weather.
This weather is so great that it puts me in a awsome mood. Been walking around the city just enjoying the weather. You cant just stay indoors in a day like today…
I am gonna go out and take some pictures  This is just such a great day that I want to make the most of it.
    • Paula
    • March 25th, 2006

    sorry I havent commented her in ages…but im never able and patient enough to find the link!!hahaha
    love that kind of weather but u cant really walk around in this same kind of weather in rio, they might steal all of your stuff!!hahaha

    • karyn
    • April 3rd, 2006

    hey dude what up
    i´m glad that ur liking ur wether, here sucks its between cold and hot…needless to say but no shorts being used… this sucks.. i wnat the horrible hot wether we  always have…
    anyhow did u read my e-mail??? i need ur adress the woman from olm  said she would send ur records to ur place..alll u need to give me  is: WHERE THE FUCK DO U LIVE!!!!!!!!!
    hehehe love u pessoa

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