My Birthday was a great day cause it was such a positive day for me. First I woke up and found a table full of wonderful food thanks to Jay hehe and that was awsome cause we are always low in food here and then I got my awsome girfts. A ps2 game (Kingdom Hearts 2), a watch, a shirt, a cd (HIM), and from James, well he will buy me some missionary shoes. Ok thats my gifts.. I spent most of the day playing my game then I had to go to an orientation for this new job I got. I had to watch this video, read the handbook and fill out all these forms etc.. The job is awsome, I am working for this really fancy resturant on Temple Square and they give you a uniform which makes me look like a real chef (it brings back memories hehe) and my personal favorite, They feed you!!! Free food.. yes!!! hahaha
Anyways back to my birthday, at night James and Vivian took me and my bros to this one awsome underground pizza place called The Pie. It looks like those underground rock show house and you get that vibe too. Its just awsome… we also rented some movies and had some great cake… see I told you a great birthday huh hehe
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