Right now my brothers and I have been driving around Provo looking for apartments but we didn’t get much work down because we don’t really know this city very well, Jeff sucks at driving James’s truck, and it started snowing!!! Snowing!!! I can’t believe that! What happened to the wonderful spring that was just here!? These season are screwing around. I wish they would act more serious and just act like they are supposed. I mean spring is supposed to be nice warm, sunny beautiful weather which it clearly isn’t right now. Oh well. I’ll live I suppose. Jay has to go back to Salt lake later today due to the fact that he works at 5pm. Lucky me, I don’t have to work till tomorrow. Yay!! I get alittle more time to spend with James and Viv. Well Anyways, I got to go. I am at BYU right now and I have lost sight of Jay and Jeff. I Suppose I better go look for them. Ta Ta for now.

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