Today I have been talking recipes with this awesome guy who started working with me at the bakery. I have gotten plenty of ideas lately. After work we went down to the Lion House Restaurant and admired all the rolls we made hehe and had the best lunch ever!!! It was so good and because we are employees it was all for free.. We spent so long just talking about the gospel among other things. We were there for 5 hours!!! I was so shocked. I guess talking about the gospel really takes its toll on you. It was great all the same. I learned somethings and he learned somethings so all in all it was great.
On thing that was very interesting was that his father was friends of this indian chef of a tribe here in Arizona. And he decided to give him a book of mormon and after a few weeks he came back to see his friend and the chef asked him "why did you give me a book about my people"!!! That was really something. He told that his people were originally from ‘down under’ (meaning south america) but that they got there from crossing the great waters long long time ago… all this was in the book of mormon and he also went on to talk about some other things that were legends to only there tribe and it was in the book of mormon… It was really something.. I think my friend said that the tribe was called Hopi. We also talked about another tribe that was way up in the mountains on the border of chile. There was a couple of students who visited the tribe and they happened to know hebrew and somehow the people of that tribe’s language was a strange mix of hebrew in it, which really surprised the two individuals because they couldn’t understand why they had that in there language. They were a hermit tribe who never leaves the mountains and it was very very strange that hebrew was part of there dialect.. later there was a study about that village which actually supports the book of mormon…


Yesterday I had a interview with the stake president about my mission papers. From him it will go to headquarters and I will receive my calling. I got to tell you, the pressure in that small room was nothing I have ever felt before. It was intense, pure and simple. He asked me the same questions as my bishop but the spirit was truly something unbelievable. I honestly thought it was going awful but in the end he did say that I give a good interview and gave me some pointers that I should remember for future reference. We went through some scriptures and made it very clear that this is something very serious and not to be lighten with. I truly understand everything he told me and even though I felt like crap because of my own past sins, I knew that God has forgiven me and through the atonement of Jesus Christ I have been cleansed of them all. I have no doubt that this church is true, that Jesus Christ did in reality die for each and every one of us so that through his eternal atonement we may be forgiven of our sins.

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