Company party

On Monday the 10th our company threw a massive company party for all its employees and there family. The theme always changes every year and this year was Pirates… what a surprise.. right after Pirates 2 came out just this weekend.. Man that move was awsome!! Anyways.. There was plenty of food and games and prizes but that mattered little to me because I was more intrested in one of my co-workers Shauna. We talk all the time at work and we just really get along and that didn’t change much at the party.. okay it was actually a picnic then a party well its the same thing.. we were laying on the grass enjoying the weather etc.. and playing with my camera.. took lots of pics. After the party we stayed around alittle longer near the pond and watched the sunset.. one thing lead to another and the next thing I know we are a couple… Yes haha… Mission accomplised!! But I have to be very careful because she is going on her mission next month and I am waiting for my calling for my mission so I can’t not do anything that will prevent us from going and serving the lord…
Today, We went walking around Gateway and had a blast in this store called the LoveSac and you can imagine what they sold there.. lovesacs hehe.. they were so big and comfy that we just sat down and talked for awhile.. among other things then we went and I did some DDR (dance dance revolution) and then went to a photo booth..  and after words we just chilled on some benchs untill the rain storm blasted away and we were forced to head toward the tracks..
    • John
    • July 12th, 2006

    You sexy beast you!!!

    • Christopher J.
    • July 20th, 2006

    "You sexy beast you!!!"
    hahahahah turtle

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