Pioneer day

Well this Pioneer day was my first one and it was a pretty good one at that. Yeah, I did have to get out of bed at 1am and head out the door to work but it was pretty nice because it was raining and it hasn’t done that in so long. With this heat, I couldnt ask for anything else at the moment. Plus, this was the first time I didn’t feel so completely alone on the streets.. there were so many people just camping out on the side of the streets getting ready for the huge parade later that morning.
When I got to work I was the first one there and to tell you the truth I felt pretty creeped out. All the lights were off and it was only the emergency lights on in the long hallway. I almost expected to she those twin girls from the shining in the end of it. I was like calling out "Hello!!!!". Then I just turned on all the lights and my co-worker showed up and we got to work.. went by pretty fast I suppose.. we got out around 6:30.
Later that day, I went to Liberty Park and met up with Shauna. There was this huge festival happining over there. There was a concert in one park the park with rides and games. There was also a POWOW, this is where we were at. A POWOW is a gather event for the native americans. A competition and other stuff like that, it was cool. All new to me! Anyways I was just happy to be with Shauna, she is just great. I just love being with her. Anyways, after it all ended they had fireworks with was pretty sweet… Great Pioneer day for me!
    • Sebastien
    • July 26th, 2006

    haha…dark buildings are freaky~

    Awww….and so happy you got a g/f…..*sniffles*…..they grow up so quick……
    *tears*….awww…I cant stop now…dont mind me….


    • Jz
    • July 26th, 2006

    i’ve missed you *blush*
    and omg you and your gf looks ADORKABLE!
    now the fact remains is how you got your ass up at 1am
    to go work!? O____O amazing.

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