Mission Call

Alright everybody, the moment has finally arrived. I know it has seemed that I have been sayng that I would find out when and where I will be sent to for so long now but it has finally happened. It was awsome. Well, I picked up my calling around 9:30am and I had to wait for all my brothers and shuana and viv to all get togther before I could open it. Man, the temptation to just open it up right then and there was emense.. I wanted to do it so bad but I know everybody would kill me if I did it. So once everybody got together, it was around 6:30pm.. such a long wait.. well, the moment had finally come to open it up and find out when and where I will be sent to.. but right before everybody took turns to guess where I would be sent to. there was alot of Brazil, and alot of Austrialia and one japan… so now the tension was all over the place… the camera was rolling and there I was.. about to find out where I will be for the next 2 years… and now, the time has come.. I was there reading my calling and there it was… I am called to serve in the Japan Nagoya Mission and I am to report to the Provo MTC (Missionary Training Center) on September 13. Thats in 1 month…. man I have so much to do and I will only have 3 months to learn the language.. talk about pressure! Man, I am going to Japan!! I am so excited…
    • Christopher J.
    • August 7th, 2006

    hehehehehe right on johnny boy

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