Since my last entry many things have happened. I have started attending LDS Business college and so for I have made many friends and have had many wonderful experiances. I have also gained too many assignments aswell but thats to be expect seeing I am a college student now.
The cool thing about my school is that its a church school which I love. All the teachers have strong testimonies and they know excatly what really matters in life. They help guide us to the future with correct principles. I love my book of mormon teacher. I feel the spirit so strongly during each of class. I wish I had his class everyday but sadly I only have him twice a week. I always look forward to it. I think its a wonderful blessing to be so close to the Salt Lake Temple. I have had the priveldge to go to the temple almost once a week since class have begun. I am trying to go each week. I was able this week sadly enough. I love the temple.
I also started attending driver’s ed. I am way excited about it because I can’t wait to have a driver’s license. My aunt also is thinking about giving me her old car or atleast allowing me to use it. That would be such a blessing especially seeing that winter is on the way. I also think I have found someone. I am not sure yet but I do enjoy the opportunities that I get to talk with her and I think she feels the same. We shall see.
    • Yoshi
    • October 1st, 2008

    and i think you were right about that one. the Holy Ghost really does manifest some things thats happening to one’s heart who is an ocean away from you. love you!!!

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