October 1st

I should have written this entry abit sooner seeing that it is no longer Oct 1st. I still feel like writing this entry because it was on this day that I followed my heart. I met someone that has truly touched me so deeply that I cannot stop thinking about her. Yoshina I love you! Even if all these things seperate us it will only be for a moment.
In other news, I went driving with my driver’s ed. instructor up to the giant U sign next to the university of Utah. It was pretty cool. The view was amazing. I really wish I had my camera with me. When I was still on my mission I always had my camera with me. Oh how the mighty has fallen. Next time I will for sure take some pictures. I also stopped at Larry H. Miller’s house. Thats right, I now know where that guy lives. For all those who don’t know who this man is let me tell ya. He is on of the wealthiest men in Utah. He owns almost everything. Or atleast thats what I heard. Secret telling
After the drive we had class which went well, nothing to report about that except that it seems I am getting ever more tired and exhausted with each class. I then had a nice fast pace walk back home. It only took me an hour but it was worth it. I am tring to get in shape. I lost so much weight on my mission but I want to lose abit more.
I also got a phone call from Toys R’ Us.. I am going to have an interview withthem tomorrow. How cool will it be to work there? It would be pretty interesting for sure. Plus I will be working with a friend of mine, or actually one of my friend’s brother. But he cool foo!
Now im just pretty tired and exhausted! Spent the remainder of my night working on my assignment that are due tomorrow. I have been getting a bit behind in that particular class. I can’t let that happen again. The Lord will help me as long as I do my part and remain faithful.
    • Yoshi
    • October 2nd, 2008

    I Love you toooo!!! if you do work at Toys R us, you so gotta send me toys for christmas. lol. im kidding.

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