Conference Weekend

This has been quite a weekend to say the least. I had so much fun. My best friend from the mission, Derek Zohner, came and stayed at my place for the weekend. Right after school on friday he picked me up and we headed to Provo. As I was waiting for him there happened to be a fist fight going on in the middle of the intersection. It was rediculous! They were nothing but stupid high school kids. The cops came and everything.
So we went down to Provo and stopped by his aunt’s house to say hi and then stopped at my brother Jay’s place. It was good seeing him again. I should call him and visit him more often. Thats how I feel. Then from there we to my other best friend from the mission, Brandon Riggs. We then went together to our Japan Nagoya Mission Reunion. That was tight. It was crazy to see everybody again. I was really touched when I met Elder (President) Stevenson again. He remembered me by name and even asked me if I didn’t just get back. It was amazing. I met up with so many of my old mission buddies like Farnsworth, Zoltan Smith, Jensen, Inouye, Jordan Smith and even Williams who came back on thursday. It was such a reunion. I am way excited for next year’s as well.
After the reunion a group of us went to Sonic and had some icecream to begin what we liked to call the "after after party". It was so much fun but sadly everybody bailed on us after the ice cream. They didnt want to go party so just the 3 of us (riggs, zohner and I) went to this one dance/rave in provo. It was okay, not great but we all had alot of fun. Then headed home.
We went to bed that night at 3am and woke at 6am. That was the hardest thing for me to do. We were so tired the rest of the day. We had to drive all the way to Farmington and meet up with his bishop who gave us morning session tickets. It was raining all day! Conference was amazing though. It was Dereks first time inside the conference building. It is so impresive in there. Words can not even begin to discribe it. Sadly we were sooooo tired from the lack of sleep that we actually fell asleep during almost all of conference.
Afterwards we came back home after taking a quick pit stop at the asian market. We both felt so at home for some weird reason when we were around everybody speaking japanese. Anyways, Riggs came over later and we hopped in his freakin nice car and headed to the priesthood session. It was such a miricle that we actually got in. We were walking by the doors and there was this small group infront of us who were looking for tickets. Some guy who worked there told them to just go through the gate and so we followed them right in. It was awsome. I was more awake during that conference. So that was good ne 😉
After conference we were driving around deciding what to do now. This was Derek’s night because he was going back to Idaho the next day. We called up Erica Mills, another friend from our mission, and we all went to this club, Area 51. It was so tight! The place was way fun. One of the funniest things we did was all 3 of us guys went into the dancing cage, and partied it up. It was just a way tight night. To finish it up we all went to Village Inn and had some food. We were there for like 2 hours just talking about the mission and other random stuff.
We finally got back at 4am and we didnt even bother to try to wake up early. We completely missed the morning session but watched the afternoon session at home. Sadly we both fell asleep on the sofa during the entire conference. We watched the first talk and the last talk and that was it. Sad as that maybe we did learn a valuable lesson from this. Dont party in Conference weekend 🙂
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