Good Day

Today was such a wonderful day! I went to the Salt Lake temple and I felt the spirit so strongly inside. It was such a strong sense of peace and comfort that is hard to describe. I felt that I should go there more often. I need to renew my temple recommend as soon as I can. I found some direction in my life and I know what I need to do in the spiritual aspect. I am starting to think of more majors that I might be interested in. I am thinking of going into Buisness but I want to fucus on International buisness, something that would envolve me to use my other languages, japanese and portuguese. Hopefully this is the right road to track on.
I also started studying deep doctrine once again. I am on fire!! I love this feeling. There is just so much to learn and understand and I have that thirst for knowledge that only the Truth can quinch… that only the Lord can fill.
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