Things are moving forward

Hey well, I have noticed that it has been such a long time since the last time I wrote in this blog. Not to mention the last time I actually wrote in my journal. Quite the slacker I have become. Well Things are going pretty good. There has been a lot of drama in my life. Most of it revolved my biggest weakness of all, Women! Yeah, it has been quite trip. But I am doing much better now. This weekend I am actually going with one of my fav. Junior comps, Elder stephen Brough on a road trip to Wyoming. I am excited for it. I hope its going be a lot of fun.

There was something that happened in the beginning of the school year. The first week of school if I remember correctly. I was going through a really hard time and the weight of all the stress and worries that I had was really pulling me down. Earlier that day I was trying to find my New Testament class but walked in to the wrong class. It happened to be a Gospel Doctrine class. I think I needed to be in that class because the teacher talked about the atonement and how the savior really went through what we are going through. He said a lot of things that I really needed to hear. One thing that really stuck out to me the most was this. He said that what most members do is that they ask for forgiveness and repent and it ends there, but most of the time we still feel that guilt and that worry. That is where the next part comes in. We than ask Heavenly Father to take away our sorrow, our griefs, our pains… and place it upon our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. That is how we gain a testimony of the Savior.
So later that day I had extra time before work so I walked over to the reflecting pool and stared at the temple and prayed. I kept thinking about what that teacher had said and I tried it. I have faith and knew what he was saying was true but I have a problem of thinking "it happens, but not to me." So the very second after I asked for my stress and my sorrow to be taken from me and placed on the Savior I actually felt this huge difference. I felt at peace, I felt all the weight that was pulling me down lifted up. I was in shock. I remember standing up with my jaw wide open in complete amazement. It was an amazing experiance and I do truly know that the power of the atonement is real!

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