Hey, things are going pretty well. I can’t complain much at all. The drama has died down over here in G408 which is a great thing. We are all buddy buddy again. Yay! Lets see what else is new. We I got transfered at work to a new crew. I now work in the COB. Not bad. I wont have to move around anymore so I am pretty happy about that.

My back hurts though. I think it was because of cleaning chairs. It does that to people. Well, if you keep having to bend down your back will start to be sore. So from this I have decided to try and strengthen my back muscles. Do back exercises. Smart huh? Well, in other news it seems like this swine flu is starting to get serious. We do not know how serious it will be, whether the virus will mutate weaker or stronger. Only time will tell. Another one of the Lord’s plague? Most likely. The world is getting ever so wicked.

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