Stroke of kindness

Sunday has always been a day of worship and reverence to God. There are many ways we can keep that particular day holy and sacred, yet I find myself at fault much of the time. For me, it has always been difficult to keep this day sacred. When I say keeping the Sabbath day sacred what I am referring to is to always be thinking about the Savior. It is a special day where we ought to rest from our labors and worship God through spending time with our loved ones, quality time with family, helping others and even visiting the sick. It is hard not to treat Sunday as another saturday, especially for me when I am all

alone in the apartment. There are a few things I have promissed to myself that I wont do on Sundays and that is:
– Doing any sort of activity where I have to spend money and therefore cause someone else to work
– Study for school
– Exercise and activities of that like
You may not agree with how I view this day but its alright. You are free to choose how to spend this day. I also try not to watch TV or movies that do not have that religious feeling to it on Sundays and that is where I struggle the most. I have to admit that I do watch TV and movies on Sunday, especially this last one.
This Sunday, though, I felt that I did keep the spirit of worship alive. I read the scriptures and the words of Apostles. I also began preparing my lesson that I have to give next Sunday at Priesthood. I haven’t taught a class since my mission in Japan so I wasn’t thrilled about the idea but I know that this will be for my good. The Lord knows how to really humble and teach his children, doesn’t he? I also had the opportunity to share my testimony and even my conversion story to a friend of mine who is struggling in her life and is seeking the Lord’s forgiveness. I do not know that what I shared with her had an impact but I felt the peace that we all get when we share our pure testimonies and the spirit comes into our hearts. I also shared it at the church new website that they are working on. I believe it was
I have much improvements that I can, and should, make in my life but the first step is to know what you struggle in and what your weaknesses are, then working on them and strengthening them.
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