It seems that reality has finally showed its honest face. With Saeko back home, my family has finally begun. They say that the first 2 years is always the hardest and in some aspect I can understand. It is the transition stage. The time to learn to become a team and stop thinking about I or me but start thinking as we. I have learned a lot about myself and about what it means to be a husband. I suppose the biggest reality check we had so far was when we sat down the other day and began planning our finances and created a budget. We saw where we stood and where we want to be, and most importantly what we need to do to get there. We had to discuss what our priority are. We both agreed that education is our top priority. If we get the grades then our schooling becomes a source of income, with regard to scholarships and grants. In short, life is not as simple as we like to picture it is in our mind. It is a lot of work, but it is so great to know that I have someone who is standing next to me, supporting me, and helping me get through it together. 

This week has gone by pretty fast. I have officially ended all my chem. 107 labs and taken my practical lab exam today. It went great and solved the unknown substance in my first try. Those float charts are best! Now I am preparing for my 2nd infectious disease exam, which I plan on taking tomorrow. I feel pretty confident but I know that there is much I can do to improve to raise my chance of getting an A. In just 2 more weeks I will be finishing my finals and I will be one step closer to my dreams.
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