Midterms so far

There hasn’t been too much to report so far in the week. I have been pretty busy with school and exams. Midterms are upon me and I can feel the pressure start to begin piling on. So far I have taken 2 out of 4 midterms. I am hoping to do better on these next 2 exam than I did on the first two. I was actually quite disappointed on how I did on my dental school prep midterm. Honestly, I think it is slightly unfair of professors to limit their exam questions. We had only 20 questions. If you miss only 1 question you are looking at 95%. That seems to be a bit unfair.

Besides the grade, I am really enjoying this class and the material we are learning. I am getting more and more excited about getting into dental school. I really hope I get in. Sometimes I feel that I am not the type of person to be accepted to Dental school. But as time moves on and the closer I get to taking the DAT I start feeling a sense of excitement and eagerness to work hard and do my best. All I can really do is do my best.

I have started my research on the different dental schools and making a decision on which school I want to apply to. Seeing that there are so many of them in the country and how expensive just applying really is, I will have to choose only a handful. I am thinking of apply to about 12 different schools. Later today I am going with the Dental Club to visit USN Dental School that is opening up soon. It will be a great experience for me. In the end, I really hope I can get accepted somewhere.

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