Struggles of the Day

Today was like any other day except I felt that something wasn’t quite right. Call it what you may, I probably just happen to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but I kept feeling that something wasn’t right.

Last night we had some issues come up with our bank and so this morning we had to drive over there and sort it all out. I wasn’t too happy about the whole situation but luckily it was resolved fairly quickly. Yet something still didn’t feel right. After the trip to the bank we headed to the LDS temple to do a session. I figured that being in their I will be able to get some sort of answer and relief. To my greatest disappointment I felt nothing and got nothing out of that experience. That had to be a first for me. I became greatly troubled and depressed.

After a few hours at home just sulking and watching videos online I realized that what was happening was that I have been slowly distancing myself and weakening my testimony and faith. Probably through slothfulness in regards with scripture readings and so forth. I felt that I needed to do something and so I prayed and pleaded with Heavenly Father to reach out to me and help me. I started reading “Preach my Gospel”. I haven’t really read the lessons in there since my mission (as far as I can remember).

Something happened when I was readying lesson 1 -the restoration. It was like a light bulb just lit up. I realize just now that it was a message from Heavenly Father. It was about my relationship with him. I realized that God didn’t send me here to fail, he sent me here to succeed. He sent all of us here to succeed. And even though life is tough sometimes he is supporting us and cheering us on because he does not want us to fail. I still don’t really understand why I felt so lousy most of the day but I did learn a valuable lesson. I need to strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father and also with Jesus Christ. I am grateful for this experience.

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